Eagle Analysis Limited

Accreditations and Partnerships

We are partners with a number of leading IT industry specialists:

Dell is one of the world's top suppliers of personal computers, both desktop and notebook. The company offers a broad range of technology products for the consumer, education, enterprise, and government sectors. Dell's computers are frequent adward winners for build quality, reliability and value.

Sophos is one of the World's leading suppliers of anti-virus protection. Trusted by 100 million users and endorsed by industry analysts as a leader, Sophos provides a full range of endpoint, encryption, email, web and NAC solutions that are simple to deploy, manage and use.

Seagate is a leading independent maker of computer hard drives. Its drives are used in systems ranging from personal computers to high-end servers and mainframes. Seagate sells directly to computer manufacturers and through distributors. About 70% of Seagate's sales are to computer manufacturers, including HP, Dell, EMC, IBM, and Sun Microsystems.

Kroll Ontrack provides technology-driven services and software to help recover, search, analyse and produce data efficiently and cost-effectively. Commonly bridging the gap between technical and business professionals, Kroll Ontrack services a variety of customers in the legal, government, corporate and financial markets around the world.